• Nepal Austria Partnership Organisation
    Simikot-2, Humla District
  • Karnali Zone, Nepal
  • Phone : +977 87 680028
  • E-mail : info@napo.org.np, tsepal@napo.org.np

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Hospital Support Program


The medical volunteer support was started with the founding of the organisation. The foreign medical volunteers and professionals work at the District Hospital in order to provide quality service and care for patients as well as share medical skill with Nepali health workers and to support NAPO.

The volunteer support programme is the main project for NAPO from whom people of Humla directly benefit. For more details please see volunteer list.


The Hospital was built by mud plaster on the wall and wooden plank on the floor with water in the rooms where patient are treated. The rooms were not hygienic, there was no water or electricity, it was cold and inappropriate for the patients. All the mud and wood was removed and replaced by cement plaster with installation of insulation foam to make rooms isolation from cold wind. The buildings were painted, doors and windows repaired, water was brought in the rooms, water supply installed and drainage system made in the rooms, and electric line was brought. For more details please see photo gallery.


The medical equipment and instruments are provided to the District hospital in order to provide hygienic health care of high quality and service to people of Humla. The Operation Theater has been equipped with necessary basic equipments like OT light, oxygen concentrator, suction machine, patient monitor, trollies, and so on. The sterilization room has been established in 2011 with steam autoclaves, washing machine, trolleys and tables. The emergency room and dressing room are set up with dressing trollies, emergency trollies and hand desinfection solution.


All activities done by NAPO and Partner organization are is to improve health facilities and services of the Hospital that will direct benefitted by people of Humla. The laboratory has been established with help of Anita Tigl from Badischl, Austria who was former colleague of Dr. Alfred. This laboratory might be one of the best laboratories of western Nepal.

The laboratory is furnished with furniture, Hematology and chemical analyzers. The local lab technicians were trained by Anita and they are able handle the lab.